Cat Caterpillar 3126E Truck Engine Workshop Service Repair Manual on CD

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Cat Caterpillar 3126E Truck Engine Workshop Service Repair Manual on CD


Loaded with illustrations, instructions, photos, and diagrams, complete to service and repair your engine. Read and print pages directly from the CD, or copy the entire manual to your hard drive.

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Schematic (3126E Truck Engine Electrical System)


Systems Operation (3126E Truck Engines):

Air Inlet and Exhaust System

Basic Engine

Cooling System

Electrical System

Electronic Control System Components

Engine Design

Exhaust Brake

Fuel System

General Information

Glossary of Electronic Control Terms

Lubrication System

Rear Power Take-Off (RPTO)



Testing and Adjusting (3126E Truck Engines):

Aftercooler - Test

Air in Fuel - Test

Air Inlet and Exhaust System - Inspect

Alternator - Test

Battery - Test

Belt Tension Chart

Bore Run out (Radial Eccentricity) of the Flywheel Housing

Charging System - Test

Compression - Test

Connecting Rod Bearings - Inspect

Cooling System - Check - Overheating

Cooling System - Inspect

Cooling System - Test

Cylinder Block - Inspect

Electric Starting System - Test

Electronic Unit Injector - Test

Engine Crankcase Pressure (Blowby) - Test

Engine Oil Pressure - Test

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor - Test

Engine Oil Pump - Inspect

Engine Speed - Check

Engine Valve Lash - Inspect_Adjust

Excessive Bearing Wear - Inspect

Excessive Engine Oil Consumption - Inspect

Exhaust Temperature - Test

Finding Top Center Position for No. 1 Piston

Flywheel - Inspect

Fuel Quality - Test

Fuel System - Inspect

Fuel System - Prime

Fuel System Pressure - Test

Gear Group (Front) - Time

Increased Engine Oil Temperature - Inspect

Inlet Manifold Pressure - Test

Main Bearings - Inspect

Pinion Clearance - Adjust

Piston Ring Groove - Inspect

Turbocharger - Inspect

Vibration Damper - Check

Water Pump - Test

Water Temperature Regulator - Test



Specifications (3126E Truck Engine):

Air Compressor - Bendix Tu-Flo Air Compressors

Air Compressor - Midland Air Compressors

Air Inlet Elbow

Air Inlet Heater

Alternator and Regulator

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor - If Equipped

Belt Tension Chart

Belt Tensioner

Belt Tightener

Boost Pressure Sensor


Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod Bearing Journal

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Crankcase Breather


Crankshaft Pulley

Crankshaft Seals

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Block Cover Group

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Valves

Electric Starting Motor

Electronic Control Wiring Group

Engine Design

Engine Oil Filter Base

Engine Oil Lines

Engine Oil Pan

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor - If Equipped

Engine Oil Pump

Engine to Transmission Adapter

Exhaust Brake

Exhaust Elbow

Exhaust Manifold

Fan Drive Mounting Group


Flywheel Housing

Front Housing and Covers

Fuel Filter Base

Gear Group (Front)

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor

Main Bearing Journal

Piston and Rings

Piston Cooling Jet

Rear Seal Carrier - If Equipped

Refrigerant Compressor

Speed Timing Sensor

Tech doc print page


Unit Injector

Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump

Valve Mechanism Cover

Valve Rocker Arms, Lifters, and Bridges

Vibration Damper

Water Pump

Water Temperature Regulator



Disassembly and Assembly (3126E On-highway Engine):

Air Compressor - Remove and Install

Air Compressor Drive Gear - Remove and Install

Air Inlet Cover - Remove and Install

Air Inlet Heater - Remove and Install

Air Inlet Heater Solenoid - Remove and Install

Alternator - Remove and Install

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor - Remove and Install

Bearing Clearance - Check

Belt Tensioner - Remove and Install

Belt Tightener - Assemble

Belt Tightener - Disassemble

Belt Tightener - Install

Belt Tightener - Remove

Boost Pressure Sensor - Remove and Install

Camshaft - Install

Camshaft - Remove

Camshaft Bearings - Install

Camshaft Bearings - Remove

Camshaft Gear - Remove and Install

Camshaft Idler Gear - Remove and Install

Connecting Rod Bearings - Install

Coolant Temperature Sensor - Remove and Install

Crankshaft - Install

Crankshaft - Remove

Crankshaft Front Seal - Remove

Crankshaft Gear - Remove and Install

Crankshaft Main Bearings - Install

Crankshaft Main Bearings - Remove

Crankshaft Rear Seal - Install

Crankshaft Rear Seal - Remove

Crankshaft Rear Seal Carrier - Remove and Install

Crankshaft Wear Sleeve (Rear) - Install

Crankshaft Wear Sleeve (Rear) - Remove - If Equipped

Cylinder Head - Install

Cylinder Head - Remove

Electric Starting Motor - Remove and Install

Engine Control Module - Remove and Install

Engine Oil Filter Base - Assemble

Engine Oil Filter Base - Disassemble

Engine Oil Filter Base - Install

Engine Oil Filter Base - Remove

Engine Oil Pan - Remove and Install

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor - Remove and Install

Engine Oil Pump - Assemble

Engine Oil Pump - Disassemble

Engine Oil Pump - Install

Engine Oil Pump - Remove

Exhaust Manifold - Remove and Install

Fan Drive - Install

Fan Drive - Remove

Fan Drive Mounting Group - Remove and Install

Flywheel - Remove and Install

Flywheel Housing - Remove and Install

Front Cover - Install

Front Cover - Remove

Fuel Filter Base - Install

Fuel Filter Base - Remove

Fuel Pressure Regulator - Remove and Install

Fuel Transfer Pump - Install

Fuel Transfer Pump - Remove

Housing (Front) - Install

Housing (Front) - Remove

Idler Pulley - Assemble

Idler Pulley - Disassemble

Idler Pulley - Install

Idler Pulley - Remove

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor - Remove and Install

Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guides - Remove and Install

Inlet and Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts - Remove and Install

Inlet and Exhaust Valves - Remove and Install

Installation Procedure

Lifter Group - Remove and Install

Piston Cooling Jets - Remove and Install

Pistons and Connecting Rods - Assemble

Pistons and Connecting Rods - Disassemble

Pistons and Connecting Rods - Install

Pistons and Connecting Rods - Remove

Rear Power Take-Off (RPTO) - Install

Rear Power Take-Off (RPTO) - Remove

Rocker Shaft - Assemble

Rocker Shaft - Disassemble

Rocker Shaft and Pushrod - Install

Rocker Shaft and Pushrod - Remove

Speed_Timing Sensor - Remove and Install

Turbocharger - Install

Turbocharger - Remove

Unit Injector - Install

Unit Injector - Remove

Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump - Install

Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump - Remove

Unit Injector Sleeve - Install

Unit Injector Sleeve - Remove

Valve Mechanism Cover - Remove and Install

Valve Mechanism Cover Base - Remove and Install

Vibration Damper and Pulley - Remove and Install

Water Pump - Assemble

Water Pump - Disassemble

Water Pump - Install

Water Pump - Remove

Water Temperature Regulator - Remove and Install



Troubleshooting (3126E On-highway Engine):

0001-11 Cylinder #1 Injector current fault (72)

0002-11 Cylinder #2 Injector current fault (72)

0003-11 Cylinder #3 Injector current fault (73)

0004-11 Cylinder #4 Injector current fault (73)

0005-11 Cylinder #5 Injector current fault (74)

0006-11 Cylinder #6 Injector current fault (74)

0022-13 Engine Speed Signal Calibration Not Performed (42)

0030-08 PTO Throttle signal invalid (29)

0030-13 PTO Throttle out of calibration (29)

0041-03 8 Volt Supply voltage high (21)

0041-04 8 Volt Supply voltage low (21)

0042-11 Injection Actuation Pressure output fault

0043-02 Key Switch Fault (71)

0064-02 Secondary Engine Speed loss of signal (34)

0064-11 Secondary Engine Speed no pattern (34)

0070-05 Inlet Air Heater current low

0070-06 Inlet Air Heater current high

0071-00 Idle Shutdown Override (01)

0071-01 Idle Shutdown (47)

0071-14 PTO Shutdown (47)

0084-00 Vehicle Overspeed Warning (41)

0084-01 Vehicle Speed loss of signal (31)

0084-02 Vehicle Speed signal invalid (36)

0084-08 Vehicle Speed signal out of range (36)

0084-10 Vehicle Speed signal rate of change (36)

0091-08 Throttle Position Invalid (32)

0091-13 Throttle Position out of calibration (28)

0096-03 Fuel Level voltage high

0096-04 Fuel Level voltage low

0100-03 Oil Pressure voltage high (24)

0100-04 Oil Pressure voltage low (24)

0100-11 Very Low Oil Pressure (46)

0102-03 Boost Pressure voltage high (25)

0102-04 Boost Pressure voltage low (25)

0102-07 Boost Pressure not responding

0105-00 High Intake Manifold Air Temperature Warning (64)

0105-03 Intake Manifold Air Temperature voltage high (38)

0105-04 Intake Manifold Air Temperature voltage low (38)

0105-11 Very High Intake Manifold Air Temperature (64)

0108-03 Barometric Pressure voltage high (26)

0108-04 Barometric Pressure voltage low (26)

0110-00 High Coolant Temperature Warning (61)

0110-03 Coolant Temperature voltage high (27)

0110-04 Coolant Temperature voltage low (27)

0110-11 Very High Coolant Temperature (61)

0111-01 Low Coolant Level Warning (62)

0111-02 Coolant Level signal invalid (12)

0111-03 Coolant Level voltage high (12)

0111-04 Coolant Level voltage low (12)

0111-11 Very Low Coolant Level (62)

0128-03 Secondary Fuel Level voltage high

0128-04 Secondary Fuel Level voltage low

0164-00 Excessive Injection Actuation Pressure (17)

0164-02 Injection Actuation Pressure Signal Erratic (15)

0164-03 Injection Actuation Pressure voltage high (15)

0164-04 Injection Actuation Pressure voltage low (15)

0164-11 Injection Actuation Pressure system fault (39)

0168-02 ECM Battery Power Intermittent (51)

0186-04 PTO Engine Shutdown Switch voltage low

0186-14 PTO Engine Shutdown Switch Occurrence (47)

0190-00 Engine Overspeed Warning (35)

0190-02 Primary Engine Speed Loss of Signal (34)

0190-11 Primary Engine Speed no pattern (34)

0224-11 Theft Deterrent Active (00)

0224-14 Theft Deterrent Active with Engine Cranking (00)

0231-02 J1939 Data Incorrect (58)

0231-11 J1939 Data Link Fault (58)

0231-12 J1939 Device Not Responding

0232-03 5 Volt Supply voltage high (21)

0232-04 5 Volt Supply voltage low (21)

0246-11 Brake Pedal Switch #1 Fault

0247-11 Brake Pedal Switch #2 Fault

0252-11 Engine Software Incorrect (59)

0253-02 Check Customer or System Parameters (56)

0253-14 Truck Manufacturer Parameter Not Programed

5 Volt Engine Pressure Sensor Supply Circuit - Test

Accelerator Pedal (Throttle) Position Sensor Circuit - Test

Air Inlet Heater Circuit - Test

ATA (SAE J1587 J1708) Data Link Circuit - Test

Can Not Reach Top Engine RPM

Can Not Reach Vehicle Speed Limit

Change Oil Lamp Circuit - Test

Check Engine Lamp Circuit - Test

Check Engine Lamp or Warning Lamp Is Malfunctioning

Clutch Pedal Position Switch Circuit - Test

Coolant Level Sensor Circuit - Test

Cooling Fan Circuit and A/C High Pressure Switch Circuit - Test

Cruise Control Parameters

Cruise Control, Idle, or PTO Can Not Be Set

Customer Passwords

Customer Specified Parameters

Customer Specified Parameters Table

Customer Specified Parameters Worksheet

Data Link Parameters

Dedicated PTO Parameters

Diagnostic Codes

Diagnostic Enable Switch Circuit - Test

Driver Questionnaire

Driver Questionnaire Response

ECM Memory - Test

ECM Snapshot

ECM Will Not Accept Factory Passwords

Electrical Connectors - Inspect

Electronic Service Tool Will Not Communicate with ECM

Electronic Service Tools

Elevated Idle

Engine Cranks but Will Not Start

Engine Has Early Wear

Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable

Engine Monitoring Parameters

Engine Pressure Sensor Open or Short Circuit - Test

Engine Running Output Circuit - Test

Engine Speed Timing Sensor Circuit - Test

Engine Temperature Sensor Open or Short Circuit - Test

Engine Vibration

Engine Will Not Crank

Excessive Black Smoke

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Excessive White Smoke

Exhaust Brake Circuit - Test

Factory Passwords

Factory Passwords Worksheet

Fast Idle Enable Circuit - Test

Fast Idle Lamp Circuit - Test

Fuel Level Sensor Circuit - Test

Idle Parameters

Idle Shutdown Timer - Test

Ignition Keyswitch Circuit and Battery Supply Circuit - Test

Ignore Brake Clutch Switch Circuit - Test

Injection Actuation Pressure - Test

Injection Actuation Pressure Control Valve Circuit - Test

Injection Actuation Pressure Sensor - Test

Injector Solenoid Circuit - Test

Input Selections

Intermediate Gears Engine RPM Limit

Intermittent Cruise Control, Idle, or PTO Kickout

Intermittent Engine Shutdown

Intermittent Low Power or Power Cutout

Low Power Poor or No Response to Throttle

Maintenance Parameters

Neutral Switch Circuit - Test

No Diagnostic Code Detected (55)

Output Selections


Poor Acceleration or Response

Powertrain Data Link Circuit - Test

Programming Parameters

PTO Engine RPM Set Speed (Input A and Input B) Circuit - Test

PTO Engine Shutdown Switch Circuit - Test

PTO Shutdown Timer - Test

PTO Switch Circuit - Test

PTO Switch ON Lamp Circuit - Test

Remote PTO Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit - Test

Replacing the ECM

Selected Engine Rating

Sensors and Electrical Connectors

Service Brake Pedal Position (Switch 1) Circuit - Test

Service Brake Pedal Position (Switch 2) Circuit - Test

Service Information Report

Smart Idle Parameters

Starting Aid Output Circuit - Test

System Configuration Parameters

System Overview

Tachometer Circuit - Test

Test ECM Mode

Time Stamped Information

Timer Parameters

Timing Sensor - Calibrate

Trip Parameters

Truck Manufacture Parameters

Two Speed Axle Switch Circuit - Test

Vehicle Speed and Speedometer Circuit - Test

Vehicle Speed Circuit - Calibrate

Vehicle Speed Parameters

Wait To Start Lamp Circuit - Test

Warning Lamp Circuit - Test



Bonus Material:

Battery Cross Ref

Battery Specs

Cooling System (3126B & 3126E)


Fuel System (3126B & 3126E)

Intake, Exhaust & Turbocharger (3126B & 3126E)

Lubrication (3126B & 3126E)

Mechanical (3126B & 3126E)

One Safe Source

RENR1368 - Schematic (3126B and 3126E On-highway Engines)


Shop Supplies & Tools

Troubleshooting (3126B & 3126E)



This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.


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Format: PDF

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