Dodge Challenger 2017 Service Repair Manual on CD

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Dodge Challenger 2017 Service Repair Manual on CD


Loaded with Hi-Res illustrations, instructions, photos, and diagrams, complete to service and repair your Dodge. Read and print pages directly from the CD, or copy the entire manual to your hard drive.

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14 646 Pages







Engine 3.6L

Engine 5.7L

Engine 6.2L

Engine 6.4L



l Active Cruise Control (ACC) Module - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Amplifier (AMP) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Audio (Radio) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Audio/Video - Non-DTC Based Diagnostics 

l Audio/Video/Entertainment/Connectivity - Service Information 

l Body - Interior & Exterior 

l Body Control Module (BCM) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Chime/Buzzer/Driver Assist - Service Information 

l Communication - Non-DTC Based Diagnostics 

l Driver Door Module (DDM) (DMFL/R) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Drivetrain Control Module (DTCM) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Electronic Control Modules - Service Information 

l Frame And Bumpers 

l Heated Glass - Service Information 

l Heated Mirrors - Service Information 

l Heated Seat Module (HSM) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Heated Seats - Service Information 

l Heated/Cooled Accessories - Service Information 

l Horn System - Service Information 

l Instrument Cluster - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Instrument Cluster - Service Information 

l Integrated Center Stack Screen Module - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Lamps/Lighting - Exterior - Service Information 

l Lamps/Lighting - Interior - Service Information 

l Left Blind Spot Sensor Module (BSM) (LBSS) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Memory Seat Module Driver (MSMD) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Message Center - Service Information 

l Navigation/Telecommunication - Service Information 

l Park Assist Module (PAM) (PTS/PAM) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Passenger Door Module (PDM) (DMFL/R) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Power Locks - Service Information 

l Power Mirrors - Service Information 

l Power Seats - Service Information 

l Power Top/Sunroof - Service Information 

l Power Windows - Service Information 

l Radio Frequency (RF Hub) Module - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Right Blind Spot Sensor Module (BSM) (RBSS) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Speed Control - Service Information 

l Universal Transmitter 

l Vehicle Theft Security - Service Information 

l Wiper System & Washer System - Service Information 

l Automatic Stopstart Disable

l Automatic Transmission 

l Automatic Transmission 8HP45/845RE 

l Automatic Transmission 8HP70 

l Automatic Transmission 8HP90

l Electronic Shift Module (ESM) - Electrical Diagnostics, 8HP45/845RE

l Electronic Shift Module (ESM) - Electrical Diagnostics, 8HP70 

l Electronic Shift Module (ESM) - Electrical Diagnostics, 8HP90 

l Transmission Control Module (TCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 8HP45/845RE

l Transmission Control Module (TCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 8HP70 

l Transmission Control Module (TCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 8HP90 

l Body Electrical
Connector End Views & Electrical Component Location 

l Antilock Brake System (ABS) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Antilock Brake System (ABS) - Service Information 

l Base Brakes - Service Information - Challenger 

l Canadian Model  Reference  Canadian-To-U.S. Model Reference Tables

l Clutch System 

l Drivelineaxles

l Front Axle 

l Front Half Shaft 

l Half Shaft 

l Propeller Shaft 

l Rear Axle - 195RIA 

l Rear Axle - 230RIA 

l DTC Index

l Battery System - Service Information 

l Charging System - Service Information 

l Power Distribution 

l Electrical Special Tools 

l Emission Applications

l Emission Control Abbreviations  Gasoline & Diesel

l ENGINE 3.6L - Service Information 

l ENGINE 5.7L - Service Information 

l ENGINE 6.2L - Service Information 

l ENGINE 6.4L - Service Information

l Engine Cooling System 

l Exhaust System 

l Fuel System 

l Ignition System - Service Information 

l Driveability - Gas - Non-DTC Based Diagnostics 

l Emissions Control 

l Firing Order & Cylinder Identification 

l Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 3.6L 

l Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 5.7L

l Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 6.2L

l Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - Electrical Diagnostics - 6.4L 

l Starting - Non-DTC Based Diagnostics 

l Starting System - Service Information 

l HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Manual Transmission TR6060 - Service Information - 5.7L & 6.4L 

l Manual Transmission TR6060 - Service Information - 6.2L 

l Reminder Indicator (Reset Procedures)

l Restraints Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Restraints Restraints System - Service Information 

l Steering System 

l Steering Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Module - Electrical Diagnostics 

l Suspension Active Damping Control Module (ADCM) - Electrical Diagnostics, SRT8

l Wheel Alignment Specification 

l Front Suspension & Wheel Alignment 

l Rear Suspension 

l Tire Pressure Module (TPM) - Electrical Diagnostics

l Tires & Wheels - Service Information 

l Tire Pressure Monitor System

l Traction Control

l Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards





This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.


Language: English 
Format: PDF

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