John Deere Tractors 2210 Service Repair Technical Manual on CD

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John Deere Tractors 2210  Service Repair Technical Manual on CD


These are the same manuals used by professionals to diagnose and repair these models.   

Loaded with illustrations, instructions, photos, and diagrams, complete to service and repair your John Deere. Read and print pages directly from the CD or copy the entire manual to your hard drive.

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2210 Compact Utility Tractors (TM2074)



Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Replace Safety Signs
Handle Fluids Safely - Avoid Fires
Use Care In Handling and Servicing Batteries
Prevent Battery Explosions
Prevent Acid Burns
Wear Protective Clothing
Use Care Around High-pressure Fluid Lines
Service Machines Safely
Use Proper Tools
Park Machine Safely
Support Machine Properly and Use Proper Lifting Equipment
Work In Clean Area
Using High Pressure Washers
Illuminate Work Area Safely
Work In Ventilated Area
Warning: California Proposition 65 Warning
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Harmful Asbestos Dust
Service Tires Safely
Avoid Injury From Rotating Blades, Augers and PTO Shafts
Service Cooling System Safely
Dispose Of Waste Properly
Handle Chemical Products Safely
Live With Safety

Specifications & Information:
Table of Contents
General Specifications
Metric Fastener Torque Values
Metric Fastener Torque Values-Grade 7
Inch Fastener Torque Values
Gasket Sealant Application

O-Ring Seal Service Recommendations
Face Seal Fittings with Inch Stud Ends Torque
Face Seal Fittings with Metric Stud Ends Torque
O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
O-Ring Boss Fittings

P-Fuels and Lubricants
Diesel Fuel Specifications
Diesel Fuel Lubricity
Diesel Fuel Storage
Engine Oil
Engine Break-in Oil
Alternative Lubricants
Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricant Storage
Mixing Of Lubricants
Chassis Grease
Transaxle Oil

Coolant Specifications
Engine Coolant
Engine Coolant Drain Interval

Serial Number Locations
Machine Product Identification Number
Engine Serial Number

Engine - Diesel:
Table of Contents

General Specifications
Repair Specifications
Tests and Adjustment
Operational Tests
Tightening Torques

Tools and Materials
Other Materials

Component Location
Fuel System Component Location

Theory of Operation
Cooling System Theory of Operation
Lubrication System Theory of Operation
Fuel System Theory of Operation
Air System Theory of Operation

Engine Starting Problem
Engine Operation Poor
Engine Oil Diagnostics
Excessive Fuel Consumption
Incorrect Manifold Pressure
Low Engine Compression
Coolant Temperature Abnormal
Coolant in Oil or Oil in Coolant

Tests and Adjustments
Cylinder Compression Test
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Slow Idle Adjustment
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Valve Lift Check
Fuel Injection Pump Timing
Fuel Injection System Tests
Fuel Injection Nozzle Test
Thermostat Test
Water Pump/Alternator Drive Belt Adjustment
Radiator Bubble Test
Cooling System Pressure Test
Radiator Cap Pressure Test
Engine Oil Pressure Test
Fuel Transfer Pump Pressure Test
Fuel Transfer Pump Flow Test
Fuel System Air Bleeding

Air Cleaner Assembly Removal and Installation
Muffler Removal and Installation
Thermostat Removal and Installation
Rocker Arm and Push Rods
Radiator Removal and Installation
Cylinder Head Removal and Installation
Intake Manifold Removal and Installation
Exhaust Manifold Removal and Installation
Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Engine Removal and Installation
Crankshaft Oil Seals
Timing Gear Cover
Camshaft End Play Check
Timing Gear Backlash Check
Idler Gear
Camshaft Followers
Camshaft Removal and Replacement
Connecting Rod Side Play Check
Crankshaft End Play Check
Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance Check
Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance Check
Piston and Connecting Rod Repair
Cylinder Bore
Crankshaft and Main Bearings
Flywheel Removal and Installation
Engine Back Plate
Timing Gear Housing
Oil Pump
Gear Housing
Oil Pressure Regulating Valve
Coolant Temperature Switch
Water Pump
Fuel Filter/Water Separator
Fuel Transfer Pump
Fuel Injection Nozzle
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Removal and Installation
Governor Assembly

Table of Contents

General Information
Reading Electrical Schematics
Theory Of Operation Information
Diagnostic Information
Wire Color Abbreviation Chart
Common Circuit Tests
Conductors For 12 Volt Circuits

System Specifications

Component Location
Front of Machine
Control Panel

System Schematics
Schematic And Wiring Harness Legend
Electrical Schematic
W1 Main Wiring Harness (1 of 3)
W1 Main Wiring Harness (2 of 3)
W1 Main Wiring Harness (3 of 3)
W2 Rear Wiring Harness
W3 Battery Cable Wiring Harness
W4 Power Supply Wiring Harness
W5 Control Panel Wiring Harness
W6 Engine Wiring Harness
W7 Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Wiring Harness
W1 Main Wiring Harness Color Codes
W2 Rear Main Wiring Harness Color Codes
W3 Battery Cable Wiring Harness Color Codes
W4 Power Supply Wiring Harness Color Codes
W5 Control Panel Wiring Harness Color Codes

Diagnostics & Operation
Power Circuit Operation
Power Circuit Electrical Schematic
Power Circuit Diagnosis
Cranking Circuit Operation
Cranking Circuit Electrical Schematic
Cranking Circuit Diagnosis
Engine Glow Plug Circuit Operation
Engine Glow Plug Circuit Electrical Schematic
Engine Glow Plug Circuit Diagnosis
Fuel Supply Operation
Fuel Supply Electrical Schematic
Fuel Supply Diagnosis
Engine Shutoff Circuit Operation
Engine Shutoff Circuit Electrical Schematic
Engine Shutoff Circuit Diagnosis
Charging Circuit Operation
Charging Circuit Electrical Schematic
Charging Circuit Diagnosis
Control Panel Circuit Operation
Control Panel Circuit Electrical Schematic
Control Panel Circuit Diagnosis
Light Switch Circuit Operation
Light Switch Circuit Electrical Schematic
Light Switch Circuit Diagnosis
Turn Signal Circuit Operation
Turn Signal Circuit Electrical Schematic
Turn Signal Circuit Diagnosis

Tests and Adjustments
Ground Circuit Test
Battery Voltage and Specific Gravity Test
Battery - Charge
Battery - Load Test
Unregulated Voltage Output Test
Stator Resistance Test
Regulated Amperage and Voltage Test
Starting Motor Solenoid Test
No-Load Amperage Draw and RPM Test
Starting Motor Amperage Draw Test
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Test
Engine Oil Pressure Switch Test
Glow Plug Test
Fuse Test
Control Panel Light Test
Diode Test
Light Switch Test
Safety Relay Test
Fuel and Start Relay Test
Key Switch Test
Indicator Light Flasher Test
Seat Switch Test
Transmission Neutral Switch Test
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Test
Fuel Gauge Sensor Test
PTO Switch Test
Turn Signal Switch Test
Timer Module Test

Power Train - Final Drive:
Table of Contents

General Specifications
Torque Specifications
Other Materials

Component Location
Forward and Reverse Control Pedals and Linkage
Transmission Case
Transaxle Center Case
Hydraulic Control
Displacement Pump and Motor
MFWD Differential Component Location
MFWD Final Drive Component Location
Counter Shaft and Reduction Shaft Component Location
Differential Carrier Component Location
Rear Axle Component Location
Drive Train Range Drive Gears

System Checks
Symptom Diagnosis

Theory of Operation

Tests and Adjustments
MFWD-to-Frame Clearance Adjustment
Neutral Adjustment
Charge Pressure and Hydrostatic High Pressure Relief Pressure Test

Forward and Reverse Control Pedals and Linkage Removal and Installation
Hydrostatic Transmission Removal
Swashplate Removal and Installation
Transaxle Center Case Disassembly and Assembly
Transaxle Removal and Installation
Range Transmission Disassembly and Assembly
Centerplate Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly
Differential Removal, Disassembly, Assembly, and Installation
Drive Shaft Removal and Installation - MFWD
MFWD Output Shaft Removal and Installation
Final Drive Housing Removal and Installation - MFWD
Spindle Housing - MFWD
Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) Removal
Differential Input Housing Disassembly and Assembly - MFWD
Rear PTO Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly
Mid PTO Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly

Table of Contents

General Specifications
Test and Adjustment Specifications
Repair Specifications

Component Location
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Component Location
Hydraulic Case Assembly
Hydraulic Pump Drive
Oil Filter/Sump
Hydraulic Pump
Rockshaft Control/Divider Valve
Selective Control Valve (SCV)
PTO Pressure Relief Valve
Hydraulic Lift System
Hydraulic Cover

Schematics and Harnesses
Steering and Drive Hydraulic Schematic
Steering, SCV, and Rockshaft Schematic

Theory of Operation
Hydraulic System

Tests and Adjustments
Hydraulic Oil Warm-Up Procedure
System Pressure Relief Test
Hydraulic Pump Flow Test
Steering System Relief Pressure Test
PTO Pressure Test
Control Valve Leakage Test
Rockshaft Lift Cycle Test
Rockshaft Travel Limit Adjustment

Rockshaft Valve Removal and Installation
Rockshaft Valve Disassembly and Assembly
Rockshaft Removal and Installation
Pressure Relief Valve Removal and Installation
PTO Brake Piston Removal and Installation
PTO Brake Clutch Removal, Inspection, and Installation
Hydraulic Pump Removal and Installation
Hydraulic Pump Disassembly and Inspection
Hydraulic Pump Assembly
Selective Control Valve (SCV) Removal and Installation

Table of Contents

Steering Specifications
Torque Specifications

Component Location
Steering System Component Location
Steering System Schematic

Theory of Operation
Steering Operation

Steering Operation
Component Diagnosis

Tests and Adjustments
Steering System Test

Tie Rod Removal and Installation
Steering Cylinder Removal and Installation
Steering Wheel Removal and Installation
Steering Control Unit (SCU) Removal and Installation

Table of Contents

Brake Specifications

Component Location
Brake System Component Location
Brake Housing Component Location

Theory of Operation
Brake System Operation

Diagnostic Check Points

Tests and Adjustments
Brake/Differential Lock Linkage Adjustment
Brake Spring Adjustment
Park Brake Interlock Adjustment

Brake/Differential Linkage Removal and Installation
Brake Disassembly and Inspection
Brake Assembly
Brake Pedal and Brake Shaft Removal and Installation
Park Brake Linkage Removal and Installation

Table of Contents

Component Location
Hood Prop Components

Seat and Seat Frame Removal and Installation
Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) Removal and Installation
Rear Fender Platform Removal and Installation
Front Wheel Removal and Installation
Rear Wheel Removal and Installation
Engine Side Panels Removal and Installation
Front Grille Removal and Installation
Hood Removal and Installation
Steering Wheel Removal and Installation
Control Panel Removal and Installation
Control Panel Lower Shroud Removal and Installation
Foot Rest Removal and Installation
Battery Removal and Installation
Fuel Tank Removal and Installation
Three Point Hitch Removal and Installation 




This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.


Language: English 
Format: PDF - Indexed and Searchable

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