John Deere Tractors 5103, 5103E, 5103S, 5203, 5104 and 5204 Service Repair Technical Manual on CD

SKU: John Deere Tractors 5103, 5103E, 5103S, 5203, 5104 and 5204 Service Repair Technical Manual on CD
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John Deere Tractors 5103, 5103E, 5103S, 5203, 5104 and 5204 Service Repair Technical Manual on CD


These are the same manuals used by professionals to diagnose and repair these models.   

Loaded with illustrations, instructions, photos, and diagrams, complete to service and repair your John Deere. Read and print pages directly from the CD or copy the entire manual to your hard drive

1050 pages




5103, 5103E, 5103S, 5203, 5104 and 5204 Tractors




General Information

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Handle Fluids Safely—Avoid Fires
Prevent Battery Explosions
Prepare for Emergencies
Prevent Acid Burns
Service Cooling System Safely
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Park Machine Safely
Support Machine Properly
Wear Protective Clothing
Work in Clean Area
Service Machines Safely
Work in Ventilated Area
Illuminate Work Area Safely
Replace Safety Signs
Use Proper Lifting Equipment
Service Tires Safely
Avoid Harmful Asbestos Dust
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Use Proper Tools
Dispose of Waste Properly
Live With Safety

General Specifications
Machine Specifications
Repair Specifications
Ground Speed Estimates
Service Recommendations for O-Ring Boss Fittings
Service Recommendations for Flat Face O-Ring Seal Fittings
Metric Bolt and cap screw Torque Values
Unified Inch Bolt and cap screw Torque Values

Fuel and Lubricants
Diesel Fuel
Fuel Storage
Do Not Use Galvanized Containers
Fill Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Oil
Diesel Engine Coolant
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Grease (Specific Application)
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricant Storage

Serial Number Locations
Serial Numbers
Product Identification Number Location
Engine Serial Number Location
Fuel Injection Pump Serial Number Location
Alternator Serial Number Location
Power Steering Valve Serial Number Location
Starter Serial Number Location
Transmission Serial Number Location
Front Axle Serial Number Location

Features and Accessories
Standard Features
Field Installed Optional Kits and Accessories

Engine Repair
Service Equipment and Tools
John Deere Engine Repair—Use CTM8
Remove Engine
Install Engine
Engine Disassembly Sequence
Sealant Application Guidelines
Engine Re-Assembly Sequence
Engine break-in guidelines
Perform engine break-in
Diesel Engine Break-In Oil

Cylinder Head and valves
Special or Essential Tools
Torques for Hardware
Cylinder Head - Exploded View
Check valve Lift
Remove Cylinder Head
Clean Injection Nozzle Bores
valve Actuating Parts
Remove valves and valve Springs
Checking Cylinder Head Flatness
Clean valve Guides
Measure valve Guides
Clean and Inspect valve Seats
Lapping valve Seats
Check valve Recess
Remove valve Seat Inserts
valve Seat Insert Installation
Grind valves
Check valve Spring Tension
Inspect valve Rotators
Install valves
Install Cylinder Head
Torque Turn Tightening Method
Checking Rocker Arm Shaft
Install Rocker Arm Assembly
valve Adjustment Sequence
Install Rocker Arm Cover
Final Work

Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons & Rods
Special or Essential Tools
Torques for Hardware
Exploded View
Connecting Rods - General Information
Remove Pistons and Connecting Rods
Measure Cylinder Liner Bore
Remove Cylinder Liners
Cylinder Liner Deglazing
Cylinder Block Cleaning
Check Piston Cooling Jets
Cam Follower Bore Measure
Measure Camshaft Bore
Remove Camshaft Bushing
Install Camshaft Bushing
Measure Crankshaft Bore
Replace Crankshaft Bearing Caps
Cylinder Block Top Desk Flatness
Measure Cylinder Liner Protrusion
Liner Packing Installation
Liner O-Ring Installation
Install Cylinder Liners
Measure Connecting Rod Bearing
Rod Bearing Clearance
Measure Connecting Rod Bushing
Replace Connecting Rod Bushing (3029D)
Replace Connecting Rod Bushing (3029T)
Measure Piston Pin
Clean and Inspect Pistons
Measure Piston Pin Bore
Piston Top Ring Groove
Second and Third Piston Ring Grooves
Piston Head and Skirt Checking
Install Piston Rings
Piston Rings Staggering
Piston/Liner Set Information
Assemble Piston and Connecting Rod
Install Piston and Connecting Rod
Measure Piston Protrusion
Complete Final Assembly

Crankshaft, Main Bearings and Flywheel
Special or Essential Tools
Torques For Hardware
Remove Crankshaft Pulley
Install Crankshaft Pulley
Flywheel Removal
Flywheel Ring Gear Replacement
Install Ball Bearing
Install Flywheel
Remove Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
Flywheel Housing Replacement
Install Oil Seal/Wear Sleeve
Crankshaft End Play Measure
Remove Crankshaft
Crankshaft Inspection
Check Crankshaft Journal Diameter
Determine Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance Using PLASTIGAGE®
Regrind Crankshaft
Crankshaft Regrinding Guidelines
Micro-Finishing Specifications
Replace Crankshaft Gear
Install Main Bearing Inserts
Install 2-Piece Thrust Bearing
Crankshaft Installation

Camshaft and Timing Gear Train
Special or Essential Tools
Torques for Hardware
Camshaft End Play Measure
Remove Camshaft
Measure Camshaft Journal
Measure Height of Cam Lobe
Replace Camshaft Gear
Tachometer Pick-Up Pin Removal
Install Camshaft
Check Cam Follower
Idler Gear End Play Measure
Remove Front Plate
Idler Gear Bushing and Shaft Measure
Idler Gear Bushing Replacement
Remove Idler Shaft
Install Idler Shaft Spring Pin
Install Idler Shafts
Front Plate Gasket
Install Front Plate
Install Upper Timing Gear Train
Install Lower Timing Gear Train
Install Oil Deflector
Timing Gear Cover Identification
Install Timing Gear Cover
Install Crankshaft Front Oil Seal
Install Wear Ring
Install Auxiliary Equipment

Lubrication System
Special or Essential Tools
Torques for Hardware
Oil Cooler Identification
Remove Oil Cooler
Replace Oil Cooler Nipple
Install Oil Cooler on Standard Engine
Replace Oil Cooler/Filter Bracket on Engine with Auxiliary Drive
Remove Oil Pressure Regulating valve
Replace Oil Pressure Regulating valve Seat
Install Oil Pressure Regulating valve
Replace Oil Dipstick Guide
Replace Oil By-Pass valve
Replace Oil Pump Strainer
Remove Oil Pump
Oil Pump Gear Axial Clearance
Oil Pump Gear Radial Clearance
Oil Pump Specifications
Oil Pump Installation
Install Oil Pan

Cooling System
Special or Essential Tools
Torques for Hardware
Remove And Inspect Radiator
Water Pump — Exploded View
Remove Water Pump
Disassemble Water Pump
Assemble Water Pump
Install Water Pump
Cooling System Deaeration
Install Fan
Install Radiator
Replace Thermostat

Fuel and Air Repair
Fuel System
Special or Essential Tools
Injection Pump, Nozzle and Governor Repair—Use CTM8
Remove, Inspect and Install Fuel Tank
Replace Fuel Filter
Remove and Install Fuel Filter/Primer Pump Assembly

Air Intake and Exhuast System
Remove, Inspect, and Install Air Cleaner Elements
Check Air inlet Pipe

Air Intake and Exhaust System (Turbo charged)
Check Air Inlet Pipe
Exhaust Manifold Inspection
Remove Turbocharger
Turbocharger Cut-Away View (SCHWITZER)
Check Radial Clearance
Check Axial Clearance
Repair Turbocharger
Prelube Turbocharger
Install Turbocharger
Turbocharger Break-In
Recommendations for Turbocharger Use
Air Filter Exploded View

Speed Control Linkage
Inspect and Repair Speed Control Linkage

Electrical Repair
Battery, Starter and Alternator
Starter Repair—Use CTM77
Remove and Install Battery
Remove and Install Starter
Replace Alternator/Regulator

Electrical System Components
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Replace Air Filter Restriction Sensor
Replace Coolant Temperature Sender
Replace Engine Speed Sensor
Replace Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
Replace Key Switch
Replace Light Switch
Replace Turn Signal Controller
Replace Instrument Panel
Replace Rear PTO Switch
Replace Park position Start Switch
Replace Seat Switch
Replace Fuel Level Sender

Wiring Harness
Special or Essential Tools
Service Parts Kits
Remove Connector Body from Blade Terminals
Replace WEATHER PACK™ Connector
Install WEATHER PACK™ Contact
Replace Tractor Wiring Harness

Power Train Repair
Clutch Housing
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Separate Engine from Clutch Housing
Install Engine to Clutch Housing
Replace Clutch Housing Seal
Inspect and Repair Clutch Pedal and Linkage

Clutch Assembly—CollarShift Transmissions
Essential Tools
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Remove and Install Clutch Assembly
Disassemble and Inspect Clutch Assembly
Assemble Clutch Assembly
Traction Clutch Finger Adjustment
PTO Clutch Finger Adjustment
Remove and Inspect Clutch Release Mechanism and Shafts
Install Clutch Release Mechanism and Shafts

CollarShift Transmission
Separate Clutch Housing from Transmission
Install Clutch Housing to Transmission
Inspect and Repair Gear and Range Shift Levers
Remove Transmission
Disassemble and Inspect Transmission
Assemble Transmission
Install Transmission
Disassemble, Inspect and Assemble Gear Shift Shaft Assemblies
Disassemble, Inspect, and Assemble Transmission Top Shaft—CollarShift Transmission
Disassemble, Inspect, and Assemble Range Reduction Shaft
Disassemble, Inspect and Assemble Driven Shaft
Remove, Inspect, and Install Range Gears
Remove, Inspect, and Install Reverse Idler Shaft

Rear PTO Drive Shaft
Other Material
Remove, Inspect and Install Rear PTO Lever and Linkage
Remove and Install Standard Rear PTO Drive Shaft Assembly
Disassemble, Inspect and Assemble Standard Rear PTO Drive Shaft Assembly

Essential Tools
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Service Parts Kits
Remove and Install Differential Assembly
Disassemble, Inspect, and Assemble Differential Assembly
Remove and Inspect Differential Drive Shaft
Install Differential Drive Shaft
Remove, Inspect, and Install Differential Lock Assembly
Differential Cone Point Adjustment
Differential Backlash Adjustment

Final Drives
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Remove and Install Final Drive Assembly
Remove and Inspect Planetary Drive Assembly
Install Planetary Drive Assembly
Remove, Inspect, and Install Axle Shaft Assembly

Steering and Brake Repair
Steering Repair
Other Material
Service Parts Kits
Remove and Install Steering Column and valve
Disassemble and Inspect Steering valve
Assemble Steering valve
Remove and Install Steering Cylinder
Disassemble, Inspect and Assemble Steering Cylinder
Remove, Inspect and Install Tie Rod Assembly

Brake Repair
Service Equipment and Tools
Other Material
Remove and Install Brake valve and Pedals
Disassemble and Inspect Brake Pedals and valve
Brake valve Cross Section
Assemble Brake valve
Remove and Inspect Brakes
Install Brakes
Inspect and Replace Brake Hydraulic Lines

Hydraulic Repair
Hydraulic Pump and Filter
Service Parts Kits
Remove, Inspect, and Install Hydraulic Oil Pick-Up Screen
Remove and Install Hydraulic Pump
Remove Hydraulic Pump External Components
Disassemble and Inspect Hydraulic Pump
Assemble Hydraulic Pump
Install Hydraulic Pump External Components
Remove and Install Hydraulic Oil Filter/Manifold
Inspect and Replace Hydraulic Supply and Suction/Return Lines

Other Material
Remove, Inspect, and Install Rockshaft Control Lever Assembly
Remove, Inspect, and Install Rockshaft Control Lever Support Assembly
Remove, Inspect and Install Rockshaft Control Linkage
Replace Main Relief valve
Remove, Inspect and Install Rate-of-Drop valve
Replace Rockshaft Control valve
Remove and Install Rockshaft Case
Remove, Inspect and Install Rockshaft Lift Arms
Remove, Inspect and Install Rockshaft Piston and Cylinder

Selective Control Valve (SCV)
Other Material
Remove and Install Float Selective Control Valve (SCV)
Disassemble, Inspect and Assemble Float Selective Control Valve (SCV)
Inspect and Replace Hydraulic Lines—Float Selective Control Valve (SCV)
Miscellaneous Repair

Front Axle
Remove and Install Front Axle—2WD
Inspect and Replace Pivot Pin and Bushings—2WD Axle
Remove and Install Spindle Assembly—2WD Axle
Inspect and Replace Spindle Shaft Bushings—2WD Axle

Inspect and Replace Front Wheel Bearings

3-Point Hitch
Inspect and Repair Fixed Draft Links
Inspect and Repair Lift Link
Inspect and Repair Adjustable Lift Link
Inspect and Repair Center Link

Operator Station Repair
Seat and Support
Remove and Install Seat and Support

Remove and Install ROLL-GARD™

Operator Platform
Remove and Install Right-Side Platform
Remove and Install Left-Side Platform and Step

Remove and Install Fenders

Operational Checkout Procedures
Operational Checkout Procedure Information
Engine Oil Level and Condition Check
Coolant Level and Condition Check
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil Check
Fan and Belt Check
Fuel System Check
Air Intake System Check
Electrical System Check
Hydraulic System Check
Indicator Lamps Check
Engine Start Check
Transmission Park position Start Check
Engine Fast and Slow Idle Operation
Power Steering Check
Differential Lock Check
Clutch Check
Transmission Shift Check
Range Lever Shift Check
Brake Check
Rockshaft Check
Selective Control Valve Check
Miscellaneous Checks

Engine Operation, Tests and Adjustments
Component Location
Component Location Information
Engine External Components—Left-Hand Side
Engine External Components—Right-Hand Side

Theory of Operation
Theory of Operation Information
Engine Lubrication System
Engine Cooling System Operation

Diagnosis, Tests and Adjustments
Essential Tools
Diagnostic Information
Engine Turns Over But Will Not Start or Starts Hard
Engine Runs Irregularly or Stalls Frequently
Engine Runs Rough
Engine Low Power
Engine Smokes—Black or Grey
Engine Smokes Excessively—White
Engine Uses Excess Fuel
Engine Has Excess Noise or Vibration
Engine Uses Excess Oil or Smokes Blue
Engine Has Low Oil Pressure
Engine Coolant Operating Temperature Incorrect
Oil In Coolant or Coolant in Oil
Radiator Bubble Test
Cooling System Test
Radiator Cap Pressure Test
Engine Oil Pressure Test
Cylinder Compression Pressure Test
Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid Check
Throttle Lever Adjustment
Slow Idle Adjustment
Fast Idle Adjustment
Injection Pump Timing Adjustment
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Fan/Alternator Drive Belt Adjustment
Bleed Fuel System
Fuel/Air Operation, Test and Adjustments
Component Location
Component Location Information
Fuel System Components
Air Intake System Components

Theory of Operation
Theory of Operation Information
Fuel System Operation
Fuel Filter Pump Operation
Fuel Injection Pump Operation
Fuel Injection Nozzle Operation
Air Intake System Operation
Turbocharger Operation
Check Turbocharger Boost Pressure
Diagnosing Turbocharger Malfunctions

Diagnosis, Tests and Adjustments
Diagnostic Information
Fuel/Air Diagnosis, Tests and Adjustments

Electrical System Operation, Tests & Adjust
Component Location
Component Location Information
Engine Electrical Components—Right Hand Side
Engine Electrical Components—Left Hand Side
Dash And Center Control Console Electrical Components
Tractor Electrical Components

Theory of Operation
Theory of Operation Information
Fuse Block and Fuses
Starting System Operation—Normal
Starting System Operation—Bypass Attempt
Manifold Heater System Operation
Charging System Operation
Lighting System Operation—Turn Signals And Enhanced Tail Lights
Lighting System Operation—Warning Lights
Lighting System Operation—Tail Lights
Lighting System Operation—Headlights and Instrument Lights
Instrument Panel System Operation—Tachometer/Hour Meter
Instrument Panel System Operation—Fuel Gauge
Instrument Panel System Operation—Temperature Gauge
PTO Warning System Operation
Air Filter Restriction Indicator Operation
7-Pin Trailer Outlet Connector Operation
Optional Horn Operation
Optional Rear Work Light

Diagnosis, Test and Adjust
Diagnostic Information
Wire Color Chart
Starting System Test Points—Normal Operation
Starting System Test Points—Bypass Attempt
Manifold Heater Test Points
Charging System Test Points
Lighting System Test Points—Turn Signals And Enhanced Tail Lights
Lighting System Test Points—Warning Lights
Lighting System Test Points—Rear Flood Light (Optional Equipment)
Lighting System Test Points—Headlights and Instrument Lights
Instrument Panel System Test Points—Tachometer/Hourmeter
Instrument Panel System Test Points—Fuel Gauge
Instrument Panel System Test Points—Temperature Gauge
Instrument Panel System Test Points—Oil Pressure
PTO Warning System Test Points
Air Filter Restriction Test Points
Optional Horn Test Points
Accessory Relay and Trailer Connector Test Points
Battery Voltage and Specific Gravity Tests
Charge Battery
Battery Load Test
Starter AMP Draw/RPM Test
Starter No-Load AMP Draw/RPM Test
Alternator/Regulator Test
Starter Solenoid Test
Starter Relay Test
Key Switch Test
Plug-In Relay Test
Mini Plug-In Relay
Diode Pack Test
Fuse Test
Park position Start Switch Test
PTO Switch Test
PTO Seat Switch Test
Light Switch Test
Turn Signal Controller Test
Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid Test

Wiring Schematics
Schematic Information
Component Identification Table
Electrical Schematic Legend
Electrical Schematic Legend

Power Train Operation, Tests and Adjustments
Component Location—CollarShift Transmission
Component Location Information
Power Train Components—(CollarShift )
Clutch Components—dual
Transmission Components—CollarShift
Final Drive Components
Rear PTO Components

Theory of Operation—CollarShift Transmission
Theory of Operation Information
Clutch Operation—Dual Clutch
Transmission Lubrication System
CollarShift Transmission—Gear Shift Power Flow
CollarShift Transmission—Range Shift Power Flow
Rear PTO Operation
Rear PTO Operation
Differential Power Flow
Differential Power Flow
Differential Lock Operation
Differential Lock Operation
Final Drive Operation

Diagnosis, Tests, and Adjustments—CS Transmission
Diagnostic Information
Isolate the Problem Area
Traction Clutch Slips
Traction Clutch Dragging
Traction Clutch Does Not Engage
Traction Clutch Grabs
Traction Clutch Squeaks
Traction Clutch Does Not Release
Traction Clutch Chatters
Traction Clutch Rattles
Traction Clutch Engagement Is Noisy
Excessive Vibration in Traction Clutch
Clutch Pedal Does Not Return
Clutch Pedal Loose
Clutch Pedal Pulsates
Jerky or Rough Transmission of Power
Low Transmission Oil Level (Excessive Oil Leakage)
Gears Clash, Shift Hard, or Will Not Engage
Two Speeds Engage Together
Transmission Will Not Stay in Gear
Transmission Noisy
PTO Noisy
PTO Hard to Engage
PTO Will Not Operate
PTO Will Not Stay Engaged
Excessive Differential Noise
Differential Does Not Work
No Differential Lock
Differential Chatters
Axle Noise
Axle Shaft Will Not Turn
Check and Adjust Clutch Pedal Free Play—CollarShift
Adjusting PTO Clutch Lever Linkage

Steering and Brake Operation, Test & Adjustments
Component Location
Component Location Information
Steering System Components
Brake System Components

Theory of Operation
Theory of Operation Information
Steering System Operation
Steering valve Operation—Park position and Manual Turning
Steering valve Operation—Power Turning
Brake System Operation
Brake valve Operation

Diagnosis, Tests and Adjustments
Diagnostic Information
Isolate the Problem—Steering System
Steering Sluggish or Loss of Steering
Isolate the Problem—Brakes
Excessive Brake Pedal Leak-Down
Excessive Brake Chatter
Steering Pump Flow Test
Steering valve Relief Test
Steering Cylinder Leakage Test
Steering valve Leakage Test
Adjusting Toe-In
Brake Pedal Adjustment
Bleed Brake System

Hydraulic System Operation, Test and Adjustments
Component Location
Component Location Information
Hydraulic System Components

Theory of Operation
Theory of Operation Information
Hydraulic System Operation
Hydraulic Filter Operation
Hydraulic Pump Operation
Rockshaft Control valve Operation—Park Position
Rockshaft Control valve Operation—Raise Position
Rockshaft Control valve Operation—Lower Position
Surge (Safety) Relief valve Operation
Rate-of-Drop valve (Implement Lock) Operation
Functioning of Position Control
Functioning of Draft Control
Combined Functioning of Position and Draft Control

Diagnostic Information
Preliminary Hydraulic System Inspection
Entire Hydraulic System Fails to Function/No Hydraulic Pump Output
Insufficient Pump Delivery
Hydraulic Functions Too Slow
Excessive Pump Pressure
Slow Hydraulic Pump Response
Excessive Pump Noise During Operation
Rockshaft Does Not Lift or Lifts Slowly
Rockshaft Does Not Lower or Lowers Slowly
Park position Position Unstable, Rockshaft Drops after Engine Shut Down

Hydraulic Tests
Hydraulic System Tests
Pump Flow Test
Main Relief valve Test
Rockshaft Leakage Test
Rockshaft Lift Cycle Test

Hydraulic Tests—With SCV
Hydraulic System Tests—With SCV
Pump Flow Test—With SCV
Main Relief Valve Test—With SCV
SCV Leakage Test

Rockshaft Sensing Lever Friction Adjustment
Control of Assembly of Reaction Spring
Measurement Control of Push rod
Adjustment of Position Control Lever
Adjustment Of Draft Control Lever
Hydraulic Schematics
Hydraulic Circuit Symbols
Page Numbers





Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Prevent Machine Runaway
Operate Tractor Safely
Use Caution on Hillsides
Shift to Low Gear on Hills
Avoid Tipping
Freeing a Mired Machine
Park Tractor Safely
Keep Riders Off Machine
Handle Fuel Safely—Avoid Fires
Prepare for Emergencies
Wear Protective Clothing
Protect Against Noise
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Safely Transporting the Tractor
Tow Loads Safely
Practice Safe Maintenance
Service Tractor Safely
Support Machine Properly
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Service Cooling System Safely
Store Attachments Safely
Prevent Acid Burns
Service Tires Safely
Dispose of Waste Properly

Safety Signs
Warning Labels

Controls and Instruments
Tractor Controls
Instrument Panel
Instrument Panel (5103E Tractor)

Light Switch Positions
Using Headlights
Using High Beam Indicator
Using Tail Lights
Using Turn Signals
Using Hazard Lights
Using Flood Lamp
Seven-Terminal Outlet

Operator's Platform
Selecting Seat Position
Adjusting Ride Comfort
Break-In Period
Observe Engine Operation Closely
Break-In Service

Prestarting Checks
Service Daily Before Start-Up

Operating the Engine
Before Starting the Engine
Starting the Engine
Check Instruments After Starting
Oil Pressure Indicator
Charging System Indicator
Air Restriction Sensor
Air Restriction Sensor (5103E Tractor)
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Watch Fuel Level
Watch Fuel Level (5103E Tractor)
Changing Engine Speeds
Warming Up the Engine
Restart Stalled Engine
Avoid Idling the Engine
Observe Engine Work and Idle Speeds
Working With Speed/Hour Meter
Stopping the Engine
Using Booster Battery

Driving the Tractor
Operator Training Required
Driving on Public Roads
Operating Transmission
Shifting Transmission
Operating Transmission
Selecting a Gear
Using Brakes
Using Differential Lock (Optional For 5103E Tractor )
Stopping Tractor

Rockshaft and 3-Point Hitch
Match Tractor Power to Implement
3-Point Hitch Components
Rockshaft Control Levers
Setting Position Control Lever Stop
Using Rockshaft Position Control
Using Draft Control
Adjusting Rockshaft Rate-of-Drop/ Implement lock
Attaching Tipping Trailer
Preparing Implement
Positioning Center Link
Attaching Implements to 3-Point Hitch
Adjusting Hitch Side Sway
Leveling the Hitch
Adjusting Lateral Float
Adjusting Rockshaft Control Lever Friction
Warming Hydraulic System Oil

Drawbar and PTO
Observe Drawbar Load Limitations
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Attaching PTO-Driven Implement
Operating Tractor PTO
Adjusting PTO Clutch Operating Rod

Planning for Maximum Productivity
Selecting Ballast Carefully
Matching Ballast to Load Work
Measuring Wheel Slip—Manually
Ballast Limitations
Ballasting Front End for Transport
Ballasting Front End for Transport (5103E Tractor)
Ballasting Tractor
Determining Maximum Rear Ballast
Determining Maximum Front Ballast
Using Cast Iron Weights
Installing Rear Cast Iron Weights
Using Liquid Weight

Wheels, Tyres and Treads
Service Tyres Safely
Check Implement-to-Tyre Clearance
Check Tyre Inflation Pressure
Tyre Inflation Pressure Chart
Tighten Wheel/Axle Hardware Correctly
Tighten Bolts— Front Axle
Tighten Bolt Adjustable Front AxlełłIf Equipped
Tighten Bolts—Rear Axle (M-14 Bolts)
Tighten Bolts—Rear Axle (M-20 Stud)
Observe Rear Wheel Tread Width Limitations
Tread Settings—Multi-Position Rear Wheels
Tread Settings—Adjustable Front AxlełłIf Equipped
Checking Toe-In
Adjusting Toe-In
Adjusting Toe-In - Adjustable Front AxlełłIF Equipped

Use Safety Lights and Devices
Driving Tractor on Roads
Transport on Carrier
Towing Tractor

Fuels, Lubricants and Coolant
Handle Fuel Safely—Avoid Fires
Handle Fluids Safely—Avoid Fires
Fuel Storage
Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Filters
Fill Fuel Tank
Lubricant Storage
Diesel Engine Oil
Diesel Engine Coolant
Use Correct Transmission-Hydraulic Filter Element
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil

Service and Maintenance
Observe Service Intervals
Break-In Service
Service Intervals

Service—Every 10 Hours
Check Engine Oil Level
Check Coolant Level
Drain Water and Sediment From Fuel Filter
Lubricate as Necessary

Service—Every 50 Hours
Check Transmission-Hydraulic System Oil Level
Clean and Check Battery
Lubricate Front Axle Pivot Pin
Lubricate Steering Spindles
Lubricate Clutch Pedal and Brake Pedal
Inspect Tyres and Loose Hardwares

Service—Every 250 Hours
Change Engine Oil and Filter
Service Air Cleaner
Replace Fuel Filter Inserts
Inspect and Adjust Alternator/Fan Belt
Lubricate 3-Point Hitch
Check Neutral Start System
Check and Adjust Clutch Pedal Free Play
Check and Adjust Brake Pedal Free Play

Service—Every 500 Hours
Replace Transmission-Hydraulic Filter

Service—Every 600 Hours
Clean Engine Crankcase Vent Tube
Pack Front Wheel Bearings (Only For Carraro Front Axle)
Check Hoses and Hose Clamps for Tightness
Lubricate Rear Axle Bearings
Check Engine Idle Speeds
Check Front Axle Pivot Pin
Adjust Engine Valve Clearance
Service—Every 1250 Hours
Change Transmission-Hydraulic Oil and Filter
Clean Transmission-Hydraulic Pickup Screen
Replace Air Cleaner Elements

Service—2 Years/2000 Hours
Flush Cooling System

Service—As Required
Service Air Cleaner
Adjust Throttle Friction

Additional Service Information
Service Tractor Safely
Engine Break-In Oil
Work In Ventilated Area
Using High-Pressure Washers
Opening Hood
Removing Side Screens
Removing Hood
Air Intake System Components
Service Air Cleaner at Regular Intervals
Service Air Cleaner at Regular Intervals (5103E Tractor)
Checking Air Intake System
Removing Primary Air Cleaner Element
Cleaning Primary Element
Washing Primary Element
Inspecting Element
Storing Element
Replacing Alternator/Fan Belt
Fuel System Components
Do Not Modify Fuel System
Bleeding Fuel System
Bleed Fuel System At Fuel Injection Nozzles
Engine Cooling System
Cleaning Grille, Screens, Radiator and Oil Cooler
Prevent Battery Explosions
Observe Electrical Service Precautions
Battery Access
Removing Battery
Checking Battery Condition
Servicing Battery
Charging Battery
Battery Replacement Specifications
Connecting Starter Wiring
Connecting Alternator Wiring For (5103E)
Connecting Alternator Wiring For (5103, 5103S, 5203)
Locating Fusible Link
Locating Fuses
Fuse Size and Function
Fuse Size and Function (5103E Tractor)
Aiming Headlights
Adjusting Headlights
Replace Headlight Bulb
Replace Tail Light and Warning Light Bulbs
Replace Flood Lamp Bulb
Checking Tyres

Engine Troubleshooting
Transmission Troubleshooting
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
Brakes Troubleshooting
Rockshaft and 3-Point Hitch Troubleshooting
Electrical System Troubleshooting

Tractor Storage
Storing Tractor
Removing Tractor From Storage

John Deere 5103E Tractor
John Deere 5103 Tractor
John Deere 5103S Tractor
John Deere 5203 Tractor
John Deere 5104 Tractor
John Deere 5204 Tractor
Ground Speed at Rated Engine Speed (2300 rpm)
Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values


Identification Numbers
Identification Plates
Record Tractor Serial (Chassis) Number
Record Front Axle Serial Number
Record Engine Serial Number
Record Transmission Serial Number

Lubrication Maintenance Record Charts
50, 250 Hour Service Chart
500,600 Hour Service Chart
1000, 1250 Hour Service Chart
Annual Service Chart
2000 Hour Service Chart
As Required Service Chart

John Deere Service
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This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.


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